Us - Hotel CIGNO


We believe in rescuing time, in not leaving behind what has a heart. We believe in deep words in art and food and nature and people. We believe that the world we live in has value, and that the people who inhabit it too.
We believe in the power of stories, in the importance of memories, in which the past has not arrived and the future has already passed, and that today, together, we are here and we have the responsibility to celebrate that we can share.
Us - Hotel CIGNO
We believe in eternal talks, in discovering oneself in the eyes of another. In old photos and modern designs, in dancing without music and with lots of laughs and where nothing compares to drifting rides in quiet streets with a gentle breeze.
Us - Hotel CIGNO

We believe in showing what we want to see in the world. In taking care of everything that we do not want to lose, in exploring, in discovering, in sharing, and in smiling. We believe in caring and pampering, in a good meal, a good bed, and a good drink.

We believe in appreciating, with our whole spirit, all that we were, are, and will be.

Us - Hotel CIGNO
We believe in a world where the greatest luxury is the freedom to spend a whole night sharing with good friends in the moonlight.
We believe in ourselves.
We believe in others.
We believe in life, in stories and in enjoying this remote present.
Us - Hotel CIGNO